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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dancing with the Stars - publicize YOUR products

"The PHOTOS and QUOTES are the perfect tools for press releases, social media, to place on your website, etc. What better press than to get pictures of celebrities from the #1 show on tv supporting you? "  

Do you represent a brand that needs publicity?

If so, you should know that this is our 8th season doing product placement for Dancing With the Stars and we have had extreme success in getting exposure for clients like you.

The Executive Producer of Dancing with the Stars has requested sponsors for the luxury gift lounge!  This is more than just "gifting" you will receive photos for every celebrity that you "gift" to.   We are very particular about who we select because we want to maintain our excellent standing with the Execs of the show.  Not only do you receive publicity, but have the chance to partake in an event full of Celebrities, Networks, and Executive Producers. 

We are a successful Celebrity Product Seeding company that works closely with the television networks and celebrities.   We bring brands maximum publicity and exposure and we want our clients to be happy.  

In brief, but only in brief!  We don't want to give all of our secrets to the world.  We only share those with our clients!

  • We hand pick about 30 different brands that we showcase in our ON-SET bungalow at ABC Studios the first week of taping. 
  • We are there for the rehearsal (on Sunday), as well as the Opening Night (Monday). In those 2 days, we have the celebrities, the celebrity dancers, the judges, the hosts, musical guests, and any celebs in the audience (opening show always attracts celeb's families, previous celebs on the show, etc..) come through our lounge. 
  • When the celebrity arrives to our lounge, they are greeted by a VIP host, and then toured around to each of our displays where they choose an item from the collection. During their "spree" we write down any quotes about the products they love. (ex: "this top is beautiful!" or "these leggings are so comfortable!"). 
  • There are also photographers taking pictures of this experience.

Here's the best part: 
  • After the celebrity has collected all of their products, we take them to our press wall system. This is where the pose for pictures in front of each company's INDIVIDUAL PRESS WALL.
  • Within 72 hours of the event, we have all pictures taken for you uploaded into an online account for you, and these pictures are yours to use. 

For more details on the event, please click here: 
Dancing with the Stars Info Deck

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