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Monday, March 4, 2013

Excited about the Press!

Hellooooooo Blog Readers ~~~!!!!!!~~~

My name is Cara and I work as a Graphic Designer AND and Account Executive for a Celebrity Product Seeding company located in West Hollywood, CA.  We are located in the heart of Hollywood and because of that we have fantastic connections!  We work with PR agencies to bring their clients amazing Celebrity events.   We are the hidden secret of "Hollywood". 

We have an upcoming World Record Breaking event  and we are looking for amazing sponsors!!!  

If you become a "Title Sponsor" your get even more extra perks and benefits.  We don't have many yet, so your brand will shine!   

We can work with you based upon your marketing budget! However our tactics have proven to bring brands out of bankruptcy!  It is a win-win. 

+ Press  +  Celebrity Exposure  + 
Dancing with the Stars cast   +  
More Celebrities  +   Charities  +

Did I mention it's ALL DAY press coverage by the top networks, news, magazines, and bloggers in the industry. ? ! 

Check out our latest blog on the event! 

It's you chance to be a part of The Guinness Book of World Records ~~~~~  !!

Download this DETAILED info here :