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Friday, March 1, 2013

Press! Exposure! Guinness Book of World Records!

Contact me to join in on this Guinness Book of World Records Event  !!!
If you are a PR agent, you can easily impress your clients with the amount of Exposure you will receive with us. 

We are holding and very grand event  March 20, 2013   where we will....and yes we will ~ BREAK a World Record.....and the PRESS will be there to capture it all.

We expect this event to draw a large amount of celebrities and press. 
The press will be covering your interaction with celebrities the entire day.  We've worked behind the "behind the scenes" of the entertainment industry for years and our connections to top notch celebs will WOW you.   Not only do we know them, but they know us.

We anticipate having between 50-100 brands showcased to Hollywood celebrities.   More brands draw more celebrities!  They like options!    YOU could be one of the brands showcased at the event.  You can even be an ELITE Title Sponsor where you have your own personalized press wall AND get your companies name in the greatest SELLING book of ALL TIME (The Guinness Book of World Records) !!!!!

Here's the BONUS:   The HOTTEST New APP for FREE

If you attend the World Record event, you will also receive the Celebrity Blackcard app FREE for one year.  This package typically runs $400 per month.  This means you'll receive FREE celebrity REVIEWS for a year.  This is like Yelp, but better because your reviews are from celebrities.......and the general public LOVES to do, know, use, have what celebrities are doing, knowing, using and having.

With Celebrity Black Card, items are given to celebrities in a two stage process. First, companies will gift the celebrities with a product of their choosing. In return the celebrity will write a review using the APP in order to receive a second product. When you use your celebrity reviews, you reach a level of celebrity popularity, which has been proven to maximize sales. 

At this event, every time a celebrity receives an item, the sponsor company will make a donation to CHARITY. The sponsors choose which charity they wish to support and celebrities will be told the charity represented by each sponsor.

~ Press with television entertainment shows
~ Press with television news shows
~ Press with television talk shows
~ Celebrity publicity
~ Celebrity clients
~ Celebrity reviews
~ Celebrity photos that your team will take
~ Press with top notch bloggers
~ More marketing and press materials in one day than you could receive in one year
~ Celebrity exposure to your charity
~ Proof of celebrity use of your product/service
~ One FREE year of Celebrity Black Card

Confirmed Press Coverage:
People Magazine
US Weekly
Fashion News
Network Style.com
ABC News
OK! Magazine
E! News

WHO is a CELEBRITY ??????

We only work with celebrities from the CURRENT top-rated television shows and films.  We work with Actresses, Actors, Athletes, and Musicians as well as set designers, wardrobe teams, and catering from television/film.

We help the Sponsors at this event connect to the right Celebrities to help them build their brand!

See you soon at the World Record Event ~  March 20th

Download the pdf   http://www.socialhill.com/Docs/Cara_world_record.pdf

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